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epicondyle - a projection over a bone earlier mentioned a condyle serving for your attachment of muscles and ligaments

basilar process a quadrilateral plate in the occipital bone projecting superiorly and anteriorly through the foramen magnum.

4 coloration process hyper micro process map core process radical process advancement (RPI) process reengineering process fat process chart

while in the process of in the middle of, in the middle of, during the midst of They can be within the process of drawing up a peace approach.

one : handled or produced by a Particular process particularly when involving synthesis or synthetic modification

b. The set of steps and events that constitute a authorized continuing or a good portion thereof: the demo process; the sentencing process.

b : the summons, mandate, or writ utilized by a court docket to compel the appearance from the defendant in the lawful motion or compliance with its orders

a definite subtask of a computer system that may be thought to be continuing in parallel with other subtasks in the program

temporal process the posterior blunt process of your zygomatic bone that articulates While using the zygomatic process of the temporal bone to form the zygomatic arch.

, "GM's retooling of Detroit-Hamtramck plant proceeds Regardless of coronavirus," 16 Mar. 2020 This type of bankruptcy will indian visa take no less than various months, and if you want to continue working from the process

law, jurisprudence - the collection of principles imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect for your legislation"; "The good difficulty for jurisprudence to allow independence even though implementing get"

Management recognizes it can be crucial to have the process suitable whether or not it means delaying the challenge start out date.

Observe that even portions of active processes/responsibilities (executing systems) are qualified for swapping to disk, In the event the portions have not been applied just lately. Not all areas of an executing plan and its details should be in Bodily memory for the involved process to get active. Process states[edit]

horn - any challenging protuberance from the head of the organism that is comparable to or suggestive of a horn

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